Uncategorized February 17, 2023

WDWW – Power Couple – Kevan and Ayesha Shelton

Get ready to be inspired! 💪 Tune in to Episode 4 and the first of our interview series, featuring a dynamic power couple, Kevan and Ayesha Shelton who will share their secrets to success! Kevon and Ayesha are founders of Park Street Homes. Park Street Homes is a premier home builder striving to create opportunities, build better communities, and provide housing for amazing homeowners and families. Founded in 2016 by Kevan & Ayesha Shelton, Park Street Homes was created to provide the level of homes that so many young professionals and families were searching for in the urban core of Houston. This power couple are also community leaders. This episode is a must-listen for everyone looking to level up their business game or for the aspiring developer. You can find more information on Kevan and Ayesah at www.parkstreethomes.com. #businessgoals #powercouple

Winding Down With The Winseys- Where Love, Life, and Business Intersect.

Explore the lives of Patrick and Jemila Winsey, Founders of ERA Legacy Living, one of the most successful Black-Owned Real Estate Brokerage Firms in Houston, TX, as they talk to power couple entrepreneurs, hustlers, and innovators who are in love with what they do. Our guests will share their stories of success and failure, both in business and in life. Plus learn some tips on how to make love and life more enjoyable without losing focus or sacrificing your personal values. Winding Down With The Winseys will provide entertaining yet educational content, so you can achieve professional success while still having fun!⁠

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